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Case: RFID Automate Inbound & Outbound Operation

CHALLENGE It is normal practice to count individual inbound and outbound products in logistics operation.  However, the counting process is time consuming and has high potential for error because of manual operation.  In order to increase the efficiency in this process, Identify has developed a solution to automate inbound and outbound activities. SOLUTION The RFID […]


CHALLENGE: AUTOMATE INTERNAL LOGISTICS Home Pro PLC has expanded its distribution center facility to have additional entrance/exit and weight station.  In order to cope with this expansion, Home Pro has also extended the usage of our RFID Fleet Visibility to cover for its new entrance and weight station. SOLUTION Since Home Pro PLC is currently […]

Case: RFID Self Service Kiosk

CHALLENGE Currently most of the university students are using RFID technology as student identification cards.  In order to maximize the benefits of RFID technology, Identify has developed a RFID self service kiosk to reduce the routine task on printing academic document.  SOLUTION Besides PC and printer like most of the kiosk, our kiosk is also […]


RFID IMPLEMENTATION RFID is recognized as an innovation that can change the way of managing business and supply chain and it has gained the attention from many organizations.  It is widely believed that RFID can contribute plenty of benefits.  In order to fully gain the benefits of RFID, it is essential for the organizations to […]


Description Mold management is a challenging task, particularly in jewelry industry.  Each mold has limited life time by calculating from the frequency of usage.  Using the mold beyond its lifetime can easily damage the final product which is jewelry.  However, there is no data capture technology to effectively identify the mold and count it.  Bar […]

RFID Hard Tag

RFD hard tag is a type of RFID tag which is designed for special purpose.  Basically, it has RFID chip and antenna for communicating with the reader.    However, it has special housing for special purpose such as RFID tag for extreme high temperature, RFID tag for harsh environment or RFID tag for very long reading […]


Description When there is a need for massive readings, RFID tunnel is the productive solution.  The main feature of the RFID tunnel is to quickly identify large numbers of RFID tagged objects simultaneously by passing the objects through the tunnel.  It is developed to read boxes with RFID tags inside.  The antenna configurations maximize reading […]

2 Port Antenna RFID Reader (Sargas)

Description   This UHF Long Range Reader is a small, high performance networked 2 port reader.  The reader is capable of reading more than 750 tags per second with the appropriate antenna.  With the multiple connectors including USB ports, SD card slot, HDMI port and I/O port allow this reader to support a wide variety of […]