Following the RFID implementation in Home Pro PLC., the
company is interested to extend our RFID Fleet Visibility in the new
warehouse.  The company would like to
have a better visibility on its loading operation and the status of trailer
within its new warehouse.


Identify RFID Fleet Visibility Solution has been developed
to support this expansion.   Since all of
his trailers are attached with RFID tags, the company just needs to install
only RFID readers and RFID antennas in the loading bays.  The 48 RFID antennas are installed in the
loading bays having 1 antenna per 1 bay. 
After the installation, the new loading bay are added into our system.  The key information of the loading bay
operation will be forward to the center data base after the reader at the bay
reads RFID tag in the trailer.  The warehouse
staff is able to know which loading bay is in used and which one is not.  Among the using ones, he can monitor if the
loading operation is under KPI or not in order to increase the operation.   


  • Give better visibility on trailer
  • Eliminate human operation such as data entry or
  • Increase the utilization of loading bay and its
  • Truck and trailer status is digitalized in
    measurable format, while makes it possible to monitor and improve operation.
RFID Antenna Loading Bay
RFID Antenna Loading Bay
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