Tag Master Heavy Duty Active RFID Reader

Description   The Tag Master LR-6HD is an active RFID reader for heavy-duty.  It is an all in one reader with integrated antenna.  This RFID reader is developed for applications where a higher environmental classification is required, for example in railway solutions where track-side mounting is required.  The heavy-duty readers are robust and designed for very […]

Active RFID Tag (Mark Tag MeM)

Description   The MarkTag MeM is an active RFID tag which is the ideal choice of ID-tag for applications when a wider and longer reading range is needed.  The active RFID Tag has a great angel of reading by using a state of the art antenna technology.    This RFID tag is a read-only 2.45 GHz […]

Active RFID Tag (Mark Tag HD)

Description   The MarkTag HD is an active RFID tag which is designed for our door environement.  This RFID tag is the standard choice for applications where there is no need to write information to the ID-tag. The MarkTag Outdoor is made for outside mounting on a vehicle/object and can be mounted directly on to metal […]

Active RFID Tag (Mark Tag Classic)

Description   The MarkTag Classic is an active RFID tag which is designed to work with Tag Master LR6 active RFID reader.  This RFID tag is the ideal choice of ID-tag in parking and access control applications that ask for hands-free access.  The MarkTag Classic is a read-only 2.45 GHz RFID tag. Each ID-tag has a […]