Identify RFID Fleet Visibility Solution is a fully automated, accurate and robust RFID enabled solution.  Each vehicle is fitted with a passive RFID tag and fixed RFID readers are used to seamlessly capture entry, exit or internal movements of individual vehicle.  The authorized person can effectively monitor the status of a particular vehicle.  The solution has three modules including entry/exit, loading/unloading and weighting modules and is designed in a modular format.  It can be chosen to track both truck and truck trailer or one of them.   Additionally, the solution can be selected implement only entry and exit module or the whole system including entry/exit, loading/unloading and weighting modules.

How it works

Identify has developed a RFID fleet visibility solution for fleet management which includes hardware, middleware and software and consists of different modules which can be purchased separately according to the customer’s needs.

  • Entrance and Exit management module: This module is related to the process of registration upon arrival and departure.
  • Loading and uploading module: All processes occurring from loading or unloading the trucks to storage process including start loading, loading complete, and lock seal.
  • Weighting module:  After loading complete, all carriers are moved to weighbridge to confirm weight before departure.  This module also covers the operation on tare weight and the calculate net weight for each truck

RFID tags are mounted on either trucks or its trailer or both.  The fixed RFID readers are placed at strategic locations such as entry/ exit gates, weigh bridges, and loading/unloading areas. This allows complete automated wireless identification of vehicles without impacting existing vehicle processes.  As vehicles pass through a certain section, the transponder sends data to the reader. Through the reader’s antenna, all information about the vehicle is passed to the server.  The detected raw RFID data is processed and can be used to drive multiple of applications. For example, the RFID gate readers can report the time that the vehicle passes through the entry or exit gate.  The RFID reader at the weight bridge can automate weighting operation, while the RFID reader at the loading bay can be used to enhance the loading activity. 


  • No manual operation is required
  • Provides error free in data gathering process.  Automatic identification and notification whenever vehicle enters, exits, loads or weights.
  • Only authorized vehicles are allowed
  • Enable real-time traffic monitoring and control congestion management
  • Ability to track a vehicle’s progress through each station
  • Full information on vehicle location and movements
  • Reduced vehicle and asset idle times
  • Tracking and identifying the driver of vehicles with photos
  • Accessing historical data to identify and eliminate operational bottlenecks
  • Accurate details of the vehicles in each status


  • Hand free vehicle access control
  • Hand free weighbridge operation
  • Internal logistic management within the distribution center
  • Hand free loading operation