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RFID Hard Tag

RFD hard tag is a type of RFID tag which is designed for special purpose.  Basically, it has RFID chip and antenna for communicating with the reader.    However, it has special housing for special purpose such as RFID tag for extreme high temperature, RFID tag for harsh environment or RFID tag for very long reading […]

Directional RFID Reader

Description   The UHF Directional Reader includes the RFID antenna and the reader in a single housing, producing high-level read performances, along with 3-D detection.  It has the ability to identify the direction and location that a specific RFID tag is moving.  For example, a person wearing a RFID badge walk down the hall and the […]

RFID Label

RFD labels are labels which contains RFID tag.  There are various types of RFID labels including RFID wet inlay, RFID white label, RFID outdoor label and RFID on metal label.  Each type of RFID label is designed for individual application. We have provided various types of RFID label on each request.  Feel free to contact […]


Description Identify RFID Fleet Visibility Solution is a fully automated, accurate and robust RFID enabled solution.  Each vehicle is fitted with a passive RFID tag and fixed RFID readers are used to seamlessly capture entry, exit or internal movements of individual vehicle.  The authorized person can effectively monitor the status of a particular vehicle.  The […]


Description Keeping track of your pool medical equipment can be challenging, especially when logging their locations relies on manual process.  Efficient organizing this asset is a must to guarantee optimal reliability throughout the operation. If the asset cannot be found, this can cause serious impact on the operation.  This is the reason why the comprehensive system […]


Description Managing medical supplies and devices is a demanding task.  The manufacturers have developed numerous intricate distribution models, which heavily rely on the field inventory staff.  Hospital customer services call to sale representatives inquiring about the particular piece of inventory.  A field inventory staff needs to deliver that product to the RIGHT hospital on the […]