Case: RFID Intelligent Cabinet


Many companies would like to increase the stock visibility of their products on client sites.  To increase the visibility, the companies may need to assign their staff to visit client sites more frequently and this can result in the increase of investment simultaneously.  Under this circumstance, it is the complicate task for companies to balance between the increase in investment and the better stock visibility.  Our RFID Intelligent Cabinet has been developed to solve this issue by improving stock visibility without increasing investment.


Each product being stored in the cabinet is attached with a passive RFID label.  The RFID label is associated with product information including lot number, batch number, product description and expiry date or etc.   Our cabinet is embedded with RFID reader and cloud server connection.  The user just simply puts the product into the cabinet.  The system will automatically check an inventory of the cabinet on schedule basis.  Manual checking or bar code scanning is not needed.  After reading, the RFID tag ID will be sent to cloud server.  Our software will associate tag ID with its information and send a report via e-mail to the authorized person on daily basis.  The report will inform the current stock balance, the recommended quantity for replenishment and highlight any expired items.    


  • Eliminate manual counting
  • Minimizing product expiry-related costs.
  • Reduce inventory cost
  • Reduce site visit time and its related investment
  • Eliminate the potential of using the expiry products.
  • Increase the efficiency on stock management on site
RFID Intelligent Cabinet
RFID Intelligent Cabinet
RFID Intelligent Cabinet
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