Active RFID Tag (Mark Tag MeM)


The MarkTag MeM is an active RFID tag which is the ideal choice of ID-tag for applications when a wider and longer reading range is needed.  The active RFID Tag has a great angel of reading by using a state of the art antenna technology.   

This RFID tag is a read-only 2.45 GHz RFID tag.  Each RFID tag has its own ID-tag which has a pre-programmed 8-digit unique identity code. It also has a large 32 bit checksum that virtually eliminates the risk of incorrect tag reads even with several ID-tags identified simultaneously.  The RFID tag is battery powered, keeping the tag alert, for instantaneous response to the reader signal. The lifetime of the RFID tag is fully predictable +6 years, independent of the number of times it is being identified

Key Technical Data

  • Dimensions:  41x41x13 mm (1.61×1.61×0.51 in)
  • Operating frequencies 2.435 GHz to 2.465 GHz
  • Read range: Up to 10 metres up to 14 metres with LR-6 XL reader (46ft)
  • Battery lifetime:  Typically +6 years. Lifetime is dependent on temperature.
  • Operating temperatures: Operating temperatures -20 °C (-4 °F) to +70 °C (+158 °F)
  • Encapsulation:  Material Robust polymers
  • Battery lifetime: Typically +6 years. Lifetime is dependent on temperature
  • Colour:  Two tones of grey
  • Ingress Protection: IP 54
  • Certifications:
    • Certifications CE Certificate according to R&TTE-Directive 1999/5 /EC, Annex IV, Health: 1999/519/EC, EL.Safety: EN 60950, EMC: EN 301489-3:2000, Radio: EN 300 440:2001 RoHs
Mark Tag MeM
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