Our Company

Established in 2002,  Identify  has continuously developed RFID solutions with a track record for several RFID innovations such as RFID warehouse management (TICTA Award 2009) and RFID fleet management (ICT Award 2009) as well as 3 patent on RFID solutions.

Identify is a products and consultant company focusing on proven patents to streamline the operation.  Through the use of our skill, companies have real-time access to operational information for critical decision-making and improve the way they interact with employees, business partners and customers.   Identify uniquely combines comprehensive workflow automation and leading edge tracking technology coupled with truly domain understanding of targeted market to present competitive advantage and key differentiation to our client in supply chain and logistics management.

Our services includes providing RFID hardware which covers both active and passive RFID technologies.  Although there are several taxonomy of RFID hardware, Identify positions ourselves as one stop services on this technology.  We can help client by suggesting the suitable product for individual requirement.  Besides, we can also offer a completed RFID solutions both logistics and non-logistics for those who would like to utilize the benefits of RFID in the short term.  For those who have specific requirement, Identify has extensive experience in this technology.  With our long experience, we also provide consulting service in order to fully gain benefits from this technology.

Precisely Uniquely Identify