RFID Returnable Container Tracking


Returnable container is widely used in logistics activity.  However, managing this asset is one of the challenging tasks.  It is critical to have adequate quantity of this asset otherwise it can easily impact operation, but having this asset means investment.  The more you have this asset, the more investment you put on this.  Therefore, it is essential to balance the stock and the demand on this asset.  Most companies still employ manual to handle this asset, which leads to tracking errors and mishandling.   These assets have low level of ownership.  The assets are filled with products when they are shipped or delivered to the clients.  Once the products in the containers have been consumed, these assets are emptied and left in the site without proper management.  Identify has employs RFID technology to develop a solution to manage returnable asset.


The RFID readers are installed at key strategic areas such as entrance and exit of warehouse or etc.  Each container is embedded with RFID tag.  When the containers are passed the RFID readers, the readers will automatically scan the RFID tag and send their information into database.  Our system will record the time and status of the container such as IN or OUT of warehouse without human intervention.  With the unique ID of RFID tag, we can effectively differentiate each container.  Our system can identify the usage time of each container, and the containers in client site.


  • Eliminate human operation on scanning individual container.
  • Reduce work force on data entry because information is automatically recorded into the system
  • Increase the visibility of returnable container.
RFID Gate Reader
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