Case: CPRAM Co., Ltd


CPRAM Co., Ltd would like to improve its vehicle entrance and exit operation.  The key objective of this implementation is to eliminate the data entry and the process to authorize the vehicle to enter the site. The company aims to the increase the efficiency on the parking lot inside its site.


Identify RFID Fleet Visibility solution is selected to be used to meet the objectives.  Each vehicle is tagged with outdoor RFID label.  The tag is read automatically with the reader located at the entrance and exit.  After reading, the vehicle information is forwarded to our software application.  If the vehicle is authorized to enter the site, the barrier gate will be opened automatically and forward its information into the center data base for further process.  Allowing on the authorized one, it can enhance the parking lot management.  It can ensure that ensure that the authorized one always has the parking space


  • Give real time information about the vehicle arrival and exit without human input
  • Improve parking lot management
  • Information is digitalized in measurable format, while makes it possible to monitor and improve operation.
Reader at Entrance
Reader at the Exit
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