RFID Middleware On Cloud

Besides RFID reader and RFID tags, one essential factor for a successful RFID project is RFID middleware. RFID middleware plays significant part in any RFID projects. The key function of this software is to control RFID reader, to manage RFID reader reading function and to filter RFID tags. This software will filter and send the clean data to any software applications.

With the extensive experience in RFID technology, we found that many RFID projects fail because of RFID middleware. Some RFID middleware cannot manage RFID reader effectively. In addition, some projects need to invest a lot on the development of RFID middleware. This can be a key obstacle for SMEs.

To overcome above limitation, we have developed a RFID middleware on cloud solution. This middleware can work with multiple readers. Now our RFID middleware supports Speedway, Thingmagic (Jadak) and FEIG RFID readers. This middleware is in cloud based so it can connect with any RFID readers as long as they are in the same network. This will reduce the cost on middleware development and also reduce the cost on IT infrastructure.

Thai version https://www.thaipr.net/it/3408544.

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