Case: Thai Beverage Can PLC Phase II


Following the RFID implementation in Thai Beverage Can PLC manufacturing site, TBC would like to extend this implementation to its warehouse in Saraburi and Prachinburi provinces.  The company would like to know when the truck arrives and exits the warehouses in real time manner.


With the benefits of Identify RFID Fleet Visibility solution, TBC can achieve this objective with the minimum investment.  The RFID readers are installed at the entrance of TBC warehouses in each province.  When the truck arrives the warehouse, The RFID tag is read by the reader at the entrance of the warehouse.  The truck information will be sent to the central server for further process through cloud server.  Staff in the head office is able to know the status of this truck in the real time manner without waiting for human input as before.


  • Increase the fleet visibility from exiting its manufacturing site until arriving the warehouse.
  • Eliminate human data entry
  • Truck status is digitalized in measurable format, while makes it possible to monitor and improve operation.
RFID Reader Prachinburi  Warehouse
RFID Reader Saraburi Warehouse
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