Case: Hong Sa Power Phase I


Hong Sa Power would like to improve its truck weight operation.  When the truck enters the weight bridge, Hong Sa would like to automate its weighting process and would like to know the quantity of weighted coal in real time manner.


To improve this operation, Hong Sa decides to employ RFID technology. Each truck is tagged with an industrial passive RFID tag.  The tags are read automatically with the reader located at the weight bridge.  After reading by the readers, the truck information and its weight is displayed on the weight scale program and is forward to data base application.  The staff at the back end will be able to know the weight of coal in real time.  With the RFID solution, Hong Sa can eliminate the human operation on the weight scale and has better visibility on the quantity of coal.


  • Give real time information about the quantity of coal
  • Eliminate human data entry
  • Weight Information is digitalized in measurable format, while makes it possible to monitor and improve operation.
RFID on Weight Station
RFID Weight Station
RFID Weight Station
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