Keeping track of your pool medical equipment can be challenging, especially when logging their locations relies on manual process.  Efficient organizing this asset is a must to guarantee optimal reliability throughout the operation. If the asset cannot be found, this can cause serious impact on the operation.  This is the reason why the comprehensive system for the registration of asset flows is required.

Identify RFID Pool Asset Management is a proven solution to deliver a quick return on investment (ROI). This solution allows for automation of paper work associated with despatch and receipt, so you can optimise the utilization your assets and improve your service levels. Accurate stock level of this asset can allow you to invest in higher quality pool assets which provide longer life cycles.

How it works

To track the pool asset, we employ radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to improve the management of these assets. Each pool asset is firmly attached with an RFID tag which can identify individual pieces of equipment.  The RFID readers are installed in the entrance and departure points of these assets and the key destinations. 

To determine the complete flow of the asset, the information of the particular asset is mapped with RFID Tag.  The system process is activated via the reader at the departure area, where the HN of the patient using these assets is manually recorded into the system.  When the assets are returned from the usage and read by the RFID reader at the entrance.  The information is sent back to a central database where it can be analysed.

This system allows you to determine how many pool assets have been dispatched to a particular HN so you know which patient to contact for their return.  It can calculate the charge on the using of these assets for particular patient.  As a result, the hospital is able to bill the patient properly unlike before where there is no usage information.  The system also notifies the asset which is needed to be calibrated to ensure the asset is used in the good condition.


  • Track and trace of all assets
  • Reduction of working capital through accurate stock management
  • Clear visibility on stock levels
  • Maximises the use of your available pool assets
  • Helps prevent your assets getting lost or stolen
  • Conduct annual asset inventory in seconds. No need to stop operation for days or weeks for yearly inventory checking
  • Identifies shortages or oversized stock for better management
  • Find your optimal asset utilization ratio.  Save your investment in the expensive buffers. 
  • Improve your safety.  Eliminate human error to make your operation safer in using the equipment in good conditions.


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