Identify has installed access control solution supporting multiple identification technologies.

To avoid problem on temporary card management for visitors in any building access, Identify has successfully developped and installed an access control solution which supports mutiple identification technologies including face scan, RFID (NFC) card and QR code. Our solution includes face scan and RFID (NFC) card technologies because these technologies are widely used in most premises. However, RFID card is not suitable for temporary visitors because it increases card return process. In addition, face scan for visitor can result in the risk of personal data violation.

Our solution employs QR code on temporary usages. A QR code can be generated for any temporary usage such as visitor. We can assign the specific period for each QR code where they do not need to return QR code as RFID (NFC) card. This can reduce the card return process and the risk of violating personal data.

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