Active RFID: Real Time Location Tracking (RTLs)

The word “Real time location tracking (RTLS)” was created to describe and differentiate the technology that not only provided the automatic identification capabilities of active RFID tags, but also added the ability to view the location of the tagged objects.  It is a system used to automatically identify and track the location of objects or people in real time, usually within a building or other contained area.  Wireless RFID tags are attached to objects or worn by people, and fixed reference points receive wireless signals from RFID tags to determine their location.  

How it works

RTLS solutions comprise active RFID tags, technology platforms (Wi-Fi, Infrared, Bluetooth Low Energy, Low Frequency, ultrasound and others), hardware infrastructure (readers & exciters) and other components (servers, middleware & end-user software).  RTLS tag which is active RFID tag is affixed to mobile items to be tracked.  RTLS reference points, which can be either transmitters or receivers, are spaced throughout a building (or similar area of interest) to provide the desired tag coverage.

ID signals from a RFID tag is received by a multiplicity of readers and a position is estimated using one or more locating algorithms, such as   Angle of Arrival (AoA), Angle of Departure (AoD), Time of arrival (ToA), Multilateration (Time difference of arrival) (TDoA) or etc.  Localization with multiple reference points requires that distances between reference points in the network in order to precisely locate a RFID tag, and the determination of the location

Real Time Location Systems for Personnel and Assets

Identify has partnered with Extronics to provide real time location system for personnel and asset in hazardous area.  The system consists of

  • Active RFID tags
  • Tag Exciters
  • Software
  • Wireless access points


Active RFID tags

Active RFID tags contain their own batteries and transmit their ID signal at regular intervals, without needing external prompting.  The tags are certified with ATEX and IECEx  so they can be used in hazardous area.

Tag Exciters

Tag exciters use LF to trigger tags as they pass through, go into or out of a tightly defined area (e.g. a chokepoint, entrance point, room, sub-room, bridge, stairwell). The tag exciters help our RTLS pinpoint the exact location of people or assets, and even raise alarms if needed.  The exciters are also available in ATEX, IECEx, and North American hazardous area certified models


The MobileView visibility platform enables you to track, locate, monitor, and manage your assets and personnel from a single platform. With purpose-built applications for personnel and asset management, evacuation monitoring, and condition monitoring is the industry’s most advanced end-user application for Real-time Visibility Solutions,

Wireless access points

We employs the standard Wi-Fi networks as a core infrastructure to pass wireless signals from tags to the network.  The same Wi-Fi networks can also be used for other Internet of Things solutions, such as data and voice services.

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