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One Stop Service – RFID

We  offer both hardware and software of RFID technology.   We have full ranges of RFID hardware including both reader and tag in various frequencies. We also provide RFID integration and RFID solution service.


Our mission is to be  the industry’s leading provider of RFID solutions, which improve and enhance the efficiency in manufacturing.  The high performance and quality of the company’s  products and operations is the key competitive differentiator.   This is the basis for success that can be created only through long term experience and extensive knowledge.

Over a decade in RFID

With  strong  and extensive experience in RFID technology, our solutions have served many industries such as logistics and medical sectors since 2002.    We have become the trusted partner for end users for RFID technology in various  industries.


We build strong, sustainable relationship based on honesty and responsibility with our customers.   Understanding the customer’s needs and requirements is the foundation for our success.  We always look forward to overcoming each new challenge and dare to find the brand new solution in every single area that we work.

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Many companies would like to increase the stock visibility of their products on client sites.  To increase the visibility, the companies may need to assign their staff to visit client sites more frequently and this can result in the increase of investment simultaneously.