Case: Thai Beverage Can Phase I


Thai Beverage Can PLC (TBC) would like to improve its truck tracking operation.  When the truck enters the site, TBC would like to know truck status upon arrival so that the further processes such as loading or etc can be prepared in advance.  TBC also would like this process to be done automatically. 


To improve this operation, TBC needs a tool to automate truck tracking operation which is RFID technology. Each truck is tagged with an industrial passive RFID tag.  The tags are read automatically with the RFID reader located at the entrance and exit.  After reading by the readers, the truck information is forwarded to data base application for further process.  The staff at the warehouse will be informed for the truck arrival so that they can prepare the loading in advance. 

With the RFID solution, TBC is able to increase fleet visibility and improve his warehouse loading operation.  By monitoring, TBC is also possible to gain important data about fleet operation. 


  • Give real time information about the fleet arrival and exit without human input
  • Improve loading operation
  • Information is digitalized in measurable format, while makes it possible to monitor and improve operation.
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