The investment in pool assets such as syringe pump, feeding pump, infusion pump or ventilator is critical issue in many hospitals.  An effective management on this type of asset is needed.   Having this asset more than the usage can be an over investment.  On the contrary, if the number of this asset fails to cope with the demand, it can cause serious problem in the hospital operation.  Identify RFID Pool Asset Management Solution is developed to enhance the management on this asset.        


Each asset is tagged with a RFID label.  An RFID reader is installed at the exit of the pool storage area.  Before taking the asset out for usage, the nurse has to enter the HN number which will use this equipment.   When the tag in the equipment is read by the reader, the system will automatically associate the equipment with the HN number and record this transaction into the data base.  After the usage and returning the equipment to the pool storage area, the reader at the entrance will automatically record this return.  Our software will match the returned equipment with the exit ones.   Any mis-matched or not return items will be notified in our software.  In addition, the system will calculate the usage period and the charge on the use of the equipment for individual HN.  Hospital will use this information to charge to his patient properly.


  • Eliminate human data entry.  The whole process becomes paperless
  • Equipment status is digitalized in measurable format, while makes it possible to monitor and improve operation.
  • Effectively plan the appropriate quantity of each equipment  
  • The usage can be charged to each client on the actual usage period, not on the estimation.