Case: Hongsa Power Phase II


Hongsa which is a leading power plant in Laos aims to improve its crusher operation.  Currently, the process of recording the truck which unloads soil at the crusher operates manually.  Hongsa needs to improve this process to be done without human intervention in order to get the correct information in the real time manner.


Identify RFID Fleet Visibility solution is selected to be used to meet the objectives.  Each truck is tagged with outdoor RFID tag.  Since there are two unloading bay for one crusher, one reader with two antennas is installed at the crusher office.  When the truck is moved to the bay, the tag is read automatically with the reader on the crusher station.  Upon reading the tag, the truck information and its loading ID will be sent to the crusher office with Identify software.  The company is able to know the exact number of truck and its plate number which is unload soil on the crusher in real time manner, no need to wait for manual report as before.  This information will be used to evaluate the truck performance and business planning to increase crushing ability. 


  • Give better visibility on truck unloading
  • Eliminate human operation particularly the manual data entry
  • The information of truck unloading soil to crusher machine is digitalized in measurable format, while makes it possible to monitor and improve operation.
Installation Site
Reader at the Crusher
Reading tag at Crusher
Reader at the Crusher
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