NFC Temperature Logger

NFC Temperature Tracker is a portable powered smart sensor that tracks and stores temperature readings.  The NFC tag can be read locally by radio frequency identification (RFID) readers, such as mobile phones, or export the data for analytic purposes.  This NFC tag provides low-cost temperature monitoring.

This NFC tag contains a precise temperature sensor, digital storage, a flexible battery, and supports NFC.  The sensor is also configurable — enabling frequent measurements for detailed logging or longer intervals to provide logging for extended periods — and can be calibrated to a customer’s application needs.   The tracker can communicate with a variety of NFC devices using an application on consumer mobile devices or industrial equipment to read the complete logged history recorded on the tracker.  Even after battery life has drained, the tracker can still be used as a passive temperature sensor label, providing the present ambient temperature. The entire memory content, including the measurement values, are still fully accessible, eliminating the risk of data loss and enabling further applications even after the data-logging capability has stopped.

The water-resistant sensor is easily attached with an adhesive backing that can be affixed to various surfaces. The front side of each label can be graphically personalized for specific customer branding, can be printed with offset CMYK and/or Pantone colors, and comes with a protective surface for enhanced protection against harsh environments.

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