When there is a need for massive readings, RFID tunnel is the productive solution.  The main feature of the RFID tunnel is to quickly identify large numbers of RFID tagged objects simultaneously by passing the objects through the tunnel.  It is developed to read boxes with RFID tags inside.  The antenna configurations maximize reading inside and minimize reading outside of the tunnel.  All the information captured is displayed on the control screen which can be used to correctly direct your product

How it works

The RFID tunnel is developed for industrial automation applications.  We have employed a long range RFID reader with multiple antennas for RFID tunnel.  The reader is connected through the system via LAN network in order to ensure data communication.  All the reading information captured is displayed on any PCs which are connected the RFID tunnel. The tunnel can verify the discordances between the reading result with the quantities indicated by the system.  There is the possibility of installing photo sensors for multiple logic control of RFID readers and do the automatic conveyor system.

  • Protocols: EPC C1G2
  • Frequency: UHF 920-925 Mhz
  • Antenna: Circular
  • Computer interface: TCP/IP


  • Reduce scanning time in each box.
  • High reading ability
  • Real time
  • Early error detection. Automate compare the physical products with the items listed in the document to confirm product delivery.


  • Fashion
  • Medical product
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