Case: RFID Automate Inbound & Outbound Operation


It is normal practice to count individual inbound and outbound products in logistics operation.  However, the counting process is time consuming and has high potential for error because of manual operation.  In order to increase the efficiency in this process, Identify has developed a solution to automate inbound and outbound activities.


The RFID readers are installed at the inbound and outbound stations.  Before moving the product out or into the warehouse, the staff just downloads the deliver document into our software.  When the products which are embedded with RFID tag pass the RFID reader, the readers will automatically scan the RFID tag in the products and send their information into our system.  Our system will compare the physical products against those in the document.  Any discrepancies will be highlighted before the products are delivered to end user to avoid any mistakes on product delivery.  This can reduce the request for order rectification from some clients.  In addition, our system will update product status either RECEIVING or DISPATCHING into the system without human intervention.


  • Eliminate human operation on scanning product inbound and outbound operation.
  • Reduce work force on data entry because information is automatically recorded into the system
  • Reduce operation time
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