Managing jewelry mold is the one of the difficult parts in the jewelry production.  It is important to have adequate number of molds for the production however having the excessive mold can be a waste in investment.  Besides the quantity of mold in storage, it is necessary to know which mold is going to be expired.  Using the expired mold can impact the quality of the jewelry.  Marrigot which is the manufacturer of Swarovski products would like to improve its system to manage jewelry mold.  The company needs to know the number of mold in stock, the usage frequency of each mold and its expiration date.  This information is impossible to achieve via manual operation.


Since each mold needs to pass high temperature during the production process, passive RFID is the best choice for this.  Other identification technology such as bar code cannot work in this type of environment.  The RFID readers are installed strategic stations including mold storage room and individual working station.  When the molds are taken out of mold storage area, the system will associate RFID tag ID which task order.  The readers at the working stations will automatically count the usage of individual mold.  Combing the information from the working station and mold storage readers, the system will be able to make a pre-warning for the molds which is going to be expired.  This can help to avoid the damage on the production of the jewelry because of using the expired mold.   In addition, the system can inform you the number of molds in the storage by category and the one which has high or low demand. This information will help the company to plan for the number of mold in stock in order to meet with the demand.  Besides, the company can use the information from the reader at the working station to evaluate the staff performance.  Our system will calculate the number of time that each mold being used in each station the number of jewelry that each staff can produce each day.


  • Eliminate manual counting
  • Minimizing the risk of damaging jewelry from using the expired mold
  • Reduce the investment on the mold which has low demand
  • Evaluate staff performance can meet KPI or not.