Case: Home Pro PLC

Home Pro PLC which is one of the largest household items retailers would like to improve its logistics management and increase the visibility of its trailer.  Currently the company does not have any effective technology to automatically manage its trailer. 


Passive RFID technology is selected to be used to meet the objectives. Each truck and its trailer are tagged with outdoor RFID tags.  The readers are installed at the key strategic station including entrance, loading bay, weight station and exit.  The tags are read automatically with the readers located at each station.  After reading by the reader, the truck information is forward to data base application.  Staff at the warehouse will be able to prepare loading operation in advance when the truck enters the factory.  With the readers at the each loading bay, warehouse staff is able to increase the utilization of loading bay.  Any loading bay which is not used will be automatically appeared on the control room.  Staff can assign the available trailer to do loading on that bay, unlike before which needs to have someone to walk to the DC to see which loading is unoccupied.  Besides eliminating some manual operation, the truck information is automatically recorded into the system.  The staff can use this information to set the KPI of each operation.  In addition, the company is able to know the number of the trailers which is used and which is not in used.  This information will be used for further business planning on the trailer utilization.


  • Give better visibility on trailer
  • Eliminate human operation such as data entry or etc.  
  • Truck and trailer status is digitalized in measurable format, while makes it possible to monitor and improve operation.
  • Increase the utilization of loading bay
Truck Tag and Driver Tag
Trailer Tag
Reader at the Entrance
Reader Weight Station
Loading Bay Reader
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